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Ecommerce РThe Way Forward

If you have a product to sell, then Ecommerce is the way forward for your business. Having a good Ecommerce website that is presented in a friendly and easy to use way, will increase your customer reach and will ultimately increase your sales.

When we design & build Ecommerce websites for our customers, we don’t go into the project blindly, nor do we allow our customers to do so either. We work very closely with our Ecommerce Marketing team to understand your business, your products and your customers. Only by having an understanding of this can we design & build an Ecommerce interface that is suitable for your business and will impress your customers.

Platform Selection

Selecting the platform for your Ecommerce website is an important step. Selection of the platform will be based on your Business and your needs from the website. We will identify this early after speaking with you and we will make suggestions and guide you to the best suited platform and we will then tailor that so that is unique to you.

Platforms that we regularly use for Ecommerce Website builds are WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and OsCommerce.

Secure Integrations

Payment Gateways

We integrate your Ecommerce website with all major payment gateways. These include PayPal, Sage, Stripe, Realex, Worlpay to name a few. The importance of having thorough knowledge and competency in integrating these gateways cannot be undervalued as security is very important when taking payments online.

Point of Sale Systems

Another important part of an Ecommerce website is that it can communicate efficiently with your in store point of sale system. We have integrated with many POS systems and with our experience we are confident that we have the correct solution for your business.

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