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Digital Eire in the News!

Our first year in business celebrations are so loud that they found an echo in the local newspaper! Here’s the reprint of the Westmeath Examiner’s Article about DigitalEire:

“Digital Eire Marketing marks first year in business

As the team at Digital Eire Marketing celebrate their first anniversary this month, they look back on a positive year despite the tough business environment. Ray Carolan from Bunbrosna and Michael Moran, who lives in Milltownpass, have combined their areas of expertise – website design, sales and marketing – to create Digital Eire Marketing, a company that deals with all aspects of an online presence for its customers, who to date have come from a very broad spectrum of businesses.

“What we do,” Michael explains, “is grasp what the client does best, and represent that for them. We consider everything they do, for example, and we work out the unique selling points of their service.” What makes Digital Eire different is the personal touch. When you contact Michael and Ray they will encourage you to visit their offices at Lough Sheever Corporate Park, where warm handshakes and friendly faces will greet you.

Any service provider will do that, you might say, but there are layers of enthusiasm and expertise at this office that you won’t find elsewhere, and the lads will spend as much time as necessary with you to work out what your business marketing needs are.
They will be patient too, understanding that marketing, particularly in the digital age, is a new and complex area for many business people.

“We are honest with our clients too,” says Ray. “We are realistic and we won’t make false promises, but we make it simple and we make sure they are well presented online.”
Advertising feature as a key marketing tool, and nowadays customers “want everything at the touch of a button and everything well-presented 24/7, 365 days a year”.

That has been the case for some time now, but the online business world has become more competitive and you have to stand out – the brick shopfront has become digital. They say it will benefit any business, and a great website is like the sign-writing on a van or a sign on the road.
Michael explains: “In any one day one person can, at max talk to 15 or 20 people, whereas online can talk to a vast audience, both nationally and internationally. Digital is more effective. Twenty years ago every business wanted a sales person in the room with the customer – now they effectively have it.”

What every business has to remember though, is that its website represents it, and that’s where Digital Eire come in. As well as working with customers through every detail of a website as it develops, Digital Eire deals with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and Pinterest) and all other aspects of an online presence, suggesting strategies and providing ongoing training so customers can keep their websites fresh and learn to embrace the technology.

Michael and Ray, along with Greg and Patrick, who deal with search engine optimization and programming, have found that many of their clients were sending out mixed messages to their customers, but Digital Eire has helped them focus on one, simple message and achieve consistency.
What happens when using the Digital Eire service, says Michael, is that their clients’ customers will finally get the idea, ‘that’s what they do’, thanks to a clear online marketing strategy.

Now a year in business, Digital Eire has “come across really positive” ideas and “see a lot of business people trying really hard”. And “we can help them”, says Ray. “We get them in and we get them to believe in their [business] idea.”

To celebrate the first year of trading Digital Eire is giving away a fabulous Budda Bag worth over €400 in a Facebook promotion (all you have to do is like the Digital Eire Facebook page), and they intend on giving away a client’s product every month for the foreseeable future, the idea being to give something back to their clients. “When our clients are busy, we’re busy,” is how Michael sees it.

Digital Eire has done and is doing work for a very broad range of businesses including plumbers, hairdressers, for a shoe fashion boutique and a health food store, for tourism and childcare providers and from logistics companies to airlines (recently completing work for Ryanair), and as it specialises in marketing, its doors are open to any business person from any sector.

Another service they are developing is in the area of personal selling, another marketing tool which offers a sales representative to represent their business as they may not have the resources or budgets to employ a full time sales person.”

Read the full copy of the article here.


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