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1 Year in Business, help us celebrate!

Wow, a year in business and we can say with some confidence that we are going strong. Digital Eire has passed a small milestone which is a challenge for any new business today and we want to celebrate!!
In doing so we want to thank our customers for their support and confidence in what we do best. So with this in mind we want to give away a prize each month for the foreseeable future. And to kick it off, for this month we have a fabulous prize to give away to our Face book fans. All you have to do is “Like” our page, that’s it just “Like” our page and we are going to give one of our fans a beautiful gift for free, yes free as a thank you!!!!!
What is the prize I hear you ask?? Well this month we are going to kick off in style with a fabulous Budda Bag (a great client of ours from almost the beginning), yes a free Budda Bag for a “Like” on our Facebook. Yes the potential to win a Budda Bag for a LIKE…You can like our page by clicking ‘Like’ on the left of this page or by visiting our page here >> www.facebook.com/DigitalEire
What’s more we are going to grow the bag in size, right before your eyes to a generous Midi Bag but only if our Likes grow, thus for example, if our Likes grow to 1,000 we will put up a fabulous Didi Bag prize http://www.buddabag.com/shop/en/home worth €100 which are great as a foot stool. But it gets better, if our likes grow to 2,000 we will move up to a Baby bag, an ideal seat for a little one to use. Now you are starting to get the picture, but our generosity knows no bounds. We will move up to a Mini bag as our Likes increase and then if we reach above 4,000 we will give away a fabulous 5 foot Midi Budda Bag for free. Yes a Midi Bag for Free and remember a Budda Bag is no ordinary bean bag but a fabulous piece of funky furniture filled with memory foam.
So help us to celebrate by Liking our page and what’s more, next month we are going to give away another great prize from one of our loyal customers. We will even ask you to help us pick the next prize by selecting from a range of our clients who want to give away one of their great products/services to our fans. So get Liking now and spread the word as we want to celebrate our first year in business and would like you to enjoy the celebrations with us. When you “Like” our page you are automatically entered in to the draw so watch this space for more information and the announcement of the winner will be in November. And if the Likes are not growing quick enough help spread the word as 4,000 Likes will automatically enter you for a great prize this month of a Midi Budda Bag worth €400.

Oh and most importantly for those who “Like” us already we thank you and yesssssss you are already in the draw for a great Budda Bag!!!


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