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New website designs on the way!!!

Hi All,
I hope the holidays are going well and that the weather is not dampening your spirits too much. We have been hectic here so I am sorry that we have not posted anything in the last few weeks. Our summer promotion is going very well and will be finishing shortly.  In relation to designs, we have some very exciting projects nearing completion. One which will go live later this week offers a very unique service for those athletes considering their vision to help improve performance.

Another few examples include a new photography service with it’s own particular character and very adaptable service for those tight areas, watch this space!! As well we are working on a project that has huge international potential. It is going before investors later in the month and promises to transform how we can purchase…. We will update you as things progress. There is going to be a new launch of an analysis service in the area of betting that will target a very international market and a cloud computing service with a difference, dog grooming specialist with a fabulous range of products for sale and more. All are being custom designed as we speak and we will announce their launch as they are made live.

In each and every case, these are businesses that want to reach a much bigger audience not just nationally, but internationally and they require something different. Rather than accept a template version, our clients want a customised website that offers their potential customers a much better insight into what they do best. They also like to be in control of their own website, to update and make changes as required. First impressions are everything today, thus as we say “Why accept the ordinary, as your competitor is only just a click away online“. If you are considering starting a new business, if you are not in control or you are unhappy with your existing website, please give us a call today and we will be delighted to assist you.  Contact us on 044-9396892/3.


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