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Case Study: CL Skip Hire (Skippy Bag)

is a waste disposal company based in Mullingar and in business for over 35 years. They specialize in waste disposal and skip hire services. In the last few years they have evolved into providing skip bags for customers to fill and then call them to collect.  These bags are directed more at the household and small business market who wish to dispose of small loads of 1 to 2 ton.  This service has grown considerably but necessitated truck drivers delivering these skip bags to shop premises.  The shops would sell the bags to customers and then the customer would call to arrange collection.  Only then would CL Skip Hire get fully paid for the pickup.  This process was slow and often lead to the bags being filled for long periods of time before a call was made to finally arrange pickup.  The bags were then often damaged, weakened and overweight due to rain.  Included in the process for this service was the cost of delivering the bags to the shops, picking up payments from bag sales and waiting on customers to finally fill the bags and then call them.  When Martin approached us about the whole process he wanted a better system, with less fuel costs and a speedier turn around on the whole service.
We considered all the above information and looked at turning the system around to make CL Skip Hires service easier, quicker and more cost efficient.   Through consultation with Martin and his team, we suggested a total revamp of the existing website to highlight more of their services including the skippy bags.  We introduced a more user friendly, easy to navigate site where customers can now order their skip bag online. They can select the bag size of their choice and pay, all in the one transaction, including collection fee.  The skippy bag is then couriered to the customer who fills and calls them for collection.  What Martin and his team have found is the new system has reduced the overall diesel costs of the company, saves the drivers from having to deliver to shops and go back to collect payment and most importantly the process has speeded up greatly.  As Martin said to us recently:

“The bags are now paid for in full including the collection charge in advance, the customer does not have to be there when we collect, the bags are lighter as the customer is calling a lot sooner after they receive their bag to arrange a pick up and the bags are in the right condition for lifting which means less over all running cost, more efficient service and a most importantly, more satisfied customers. We are delighted with the new system and so are our customers.”


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